Why You Should Hire Pest Control Specialists on a Seasonal Basis

You may be thinking that once you have enlisted professional pest control services then you will never need them anymore, but you would be mistaken. What you are overlooking is that the myriad of pests in Australia prefer different climatic conditions. Thus, while you may have gotten rid of all-year-round pests such as ants and termites, there are a host of their pets that you may need pest control specialists to get rid of, as listed below.

Summer Pest Control

When summer rolls around, most Aussies will want to heat up the barbie and overall adopt an alfresco lifestyle for the warm months. But as the sunshine brings people out of their houses, it also attracts a host of pesky pests. Some of the annoying critters that are likely to be a nuisance on your property are wasps. Wasp nests should never be tampered with, since these insects are incredibly aggressive. Furthermore, since they do not lose their stingers like bees, anyone in close proximity to the swarm can be severely injured. Additional pests that may overrun your property and subsequently your home are spiders. Considering that Australia is home to both venomous and non-venomous spiders, it is best to leave their extermination to the professionals.

Autumn and Winter Pest Control

Once the temperatures start to drop, you may be happy to be free of the summer pests. Nonetheless, as you seek shelter indoors, so will a host of insects that are looking to stay clear of the cold. Roaches tend to be a typical reason why homeowners will need pest control services in the autumn and the winter, especially if you are not meticulous about crumbs around the house.

Rodents are also a threat during the cooler months since they will be foraging for food both outside and inside your home. Rodents are particularly threatening to your home since they will contaminate your food reserves while also damage ductwork, guttering and so on. When the weather conditions start to cool down, it is in your best interests to seek professional pest control. The specialists will not only exterminate any critters present but they will also attend to all possible entry points around your house.

Spring pest control

Once the cold weather starts to dissipate and the temperatures steadily become warmer, there will be a surge in new pests. Insects that laid eggs during the warmer months will have their offspring hatch, so you may start to notice brand new nests. Bees tend to be the most common insects during the spring, so if you notice any hives around your property, it is crucial to have them removed via pest control services.

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