3 Ways You Can Hear Rats in Your Home

Rats, like other rodents, tend to keep themselves hidden away as much as possible. So, while you may suspect that rats have come into your home, you may not have to actually see them to prove that you are right.

You may, however, be able to hear noises that give you a firmer indication that you have resident rats. What kinds of noises do rats make?

1. Scratching and Scampering Sounds

If you have a few rats living in your home, then you may hear them as they move around their territory and go about their normal activities. So, for example, you may hear scratching noises or the sounds of scampering as rats run about.

Depending on the type of rats that are in your home and the places they like to live, you may hear these noises behind walls or under floors. In some cases, rats set up home in roof spaces, so you may also hear them moving about overhead.

2. Squeaking and Squealing Sounds

Rats can be quite vocal creatures. They use a range of noises to communicate. Often, you'll hear these noises when rats are disturbed, panicked or having a problem with other rats.

So, the sounds a rat makes may range from occasional basic squeaks and squeals to much louder shrieks. For example, a single rat may squeak at another if all is well; if two rats are having a stand-off or even a fight, then the volume goes up a fair bit and the noises may sound much more frantic. Rats also sometimes hiss if they are frightened or angry.

3. Grinding Sounds

As well as movement and vocalisation noises, rats also make some sounds with their teeth. These noises are called chatter, and they usually sound like something is being ground together. Rats make these noises when they grind their teeth. They sometimes do this when they are startled or even when they are happy. However, most of the time these noises come from a tooth management habit.

Rats' teeth keep on growing, so they grind their teeth to keep their length manageable. The noise this makes may carry through walls, floors and ceilings if you listen hard enough.

If you hear any noises that make you think you may have rats, contact a rat control company and ask them to come out and inspect your home. If your pest controller finds that you do have a rat problem, then they can explain the different ways they can get rid of the rodents.

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