Can You Get Rid of Termites On Your Own?

One of the main problems with dealing with a termite infestation yourself is that these creatures are fairly hard to identify. Remember that there are many different species of termite, and the best countermeasures for each will depend on which type you have in your home or in your garden. Therefore, a pest inspection from a professional is always recommended so that you take the right actions and don't — potentially, at least — make the problem worse. That said, there are certainly some measures you can take which will help to make your home less attractive to termites. What are some of the most important ones?

Remove Food Supplies

Firstly, it is important to remove any sources of food that termites might be taking from your home. Although many termites feed on the wooden timbers in buildings, some will go for conventional food sources. As such, you should make sure that all of your cereals and bread are put into airtight plastic containers which prevent insects from getting to them. Clear up any spilt food, too.

Deal With Rotting Wood

Another good tip for subterranean termite prevention is to have a look at any part of your garden where there is rotting wood. For example, you might have an old tree stump which would make an ideal place for termites to build a nest on your property. Dig this out of the ground if necessary. Alternatively, you might have a pile of firewood that is maturing in your garden, close to your home. Just like tree stumps, this is an ideal place for certain types of termite to live, so make sure that your wood is protected from the elements so it doesn't rot down. Place it under a shelter or a tarpaulin. 

Paint Your Home's Timbers

If you have weatherboarding around your home, then you may find that drywood termites start to chew their way through it. Look out for little pinpoint holes which are a sure sign of their presence. This can be extremely difficult to sort out once it starts, so you ought to seek professional pest control help in such situations. However, if you paint your home's timbers regularly, then this can help to protect the wood underneath from these insects boring their way in in the first place. The same goes for wooden fence palisades and any outbuildings you might have that are made from wood, such as summerhouses and garden sheds.

Reach out to a termite prevention company to learn more.

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