3 Cheapest Wasp Removal Techniques

It is late summer, and this is the time wasps are at their peak, especially if you live in a wasp-prone area. Just like bees, wasps are dangerous if you allow them to build a nest in your home. Unfortunately, because a wasp's nest looks similar to a bee nest, most homeowners fail to make the identification early for the simple reason that the Australian government protects the latter. Consequently, the above mistake allows the wasps to grow bigger and increase in population -- a wasp's nest can reach up to 10,000 members strong. On the other hand, if you are sure that you have a wasp's nest on your property, then call pest control services. The service providers are better equipped to destroy wasp nests without exposing you to any danger. This article explores wasp removal techniques that you should expect from a pest control service provider. 

Drowning the Nest 

It is considered one of the most extreme wasp nest removal methods. As the name suggests, the approach involves submerging the nest in water. First, the entire nest is wrapped with a cloth -- the cloth should not have any holes -- and the top tied tightly. It is followed by disjoining the nest and submerging it in soapy water. The service provider then places something heavy on top of the cloth to make sure that the nest stays submerged overnight. The service provider then comes back the following day to confirm whether all the wasps have died. The technique is particularly best for wasp nests that are hanging. Besides, since there is direct contact with the nest, a service provider must wear protective clothing. 

Spraying with Water

Another procedure that pest control services use to remove wasp nests from residential property is by blasting the nests with a jet of water. The technique banks on the fact that wasp nests are made from a papery substance which crumbles if sprayed with water. Since the wasps will not have a home, they will fly away to find another spot. However, the method tends to disturb and aggravate wasps, which can be dangerous if homeowners are within proximity. Therefore, it is vital that everyone stays behind closed doors at least until the pest control services get done.


If a wasp's nest is near your house, then smashing or spraying it with a jet of water will not work because of safety concerns. The most appropriate wasp removal technique to use smoke and it is especially useful for nests hanging on trees in open space. The process involves lighting a fire right below the nest and directing the smoke toward the insides of the nest. After a while, some wasps will flee while any remaining ones will suffocate to death. You do not have to worry about the risk of the fire spreading in your compound because pest control services are well equipped to prevent that. Notably, the use of smoke is considered the cheapest wasp control technique.

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