Advice When Dealing With Termites Around Your Home

Australia may have some famous pest infestations that occur from mammals like rats and mice in rural areas, but it is termites which cause untold damage to homes around the country. Especially in suburbs and smaller towns, termites can take up residence in homes and gardens. What's even more of an issue for homeowners and landlords is that they are difficult to get rid of once their numbers start to build. You should seek advice from an infestation professional to help with the termite treatment. Given the different species of termites that exist in the country, not all of the things you might do will actually help. What are some of the basic measures you can take for yourself?

Remove Rotting Wood

Subterranean termites tend to love timber that is decomposing as a source of food. Therefore, you will often find that the main part of a new nest network is hidden beneath the roots of a rotting tree, for example. Equally, you might find that a wood store becomes a favoured spot for these insects. By getting rid of such items, or placing them farther from your property, you can save yourself a lot of hassle.

Deny a Water Source

If you have a creek running past your property, then there is not much you can do to deny water to local termites — short of redirecting it entirely, that is! However, if you have a water trough for animals or a pond that is close to a wooded area, then you should consider the merits of draining it, particularly when you have heard of termite infestations in your neighbourhood. Most termite species can only survive if they have a source of water nearby.

Protect Your Woodwork

If you want to avoid drywood termites making their home in the timbers of your home, then you ought to protect the wood with a fresh coat of paint. Although paint finishes and wood preservatives won't guarantee that your timbers avoid an infestation, they make it less likely that one will occur. If you notice any weatherboarding or joists sound hollow when tapped on, then it is probable that they have been burrowed out from within by drywood termites. Another tell-tale sign that these creatures have worked their way into the structure of your house or shed is that tiny holes appear. This can sometimes be accompanied by flaking sections of paintwork.

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