Why Cockroaches and Termites Can Infest Your Home at the Same Time

Cockroaches and termites are plentiful throughout Australia. This is mainly due to the abundance of warmth across the country. As well as warmth, both cockroaches and termites need darkness, moisture and, of course, food. But because their needs are very similar, it is possible to find both of these pests infesting a home, especially in a bathroom or kitchen.

Have you found evidence of cockroaches and termites in your home? Then the following similarities between the two can help you to understand why.

They Are Related

Back in 2007, researchers proved that cockroaches and termites are related. In fact, they stated that termites are a more social kind of cockroach; since they work together in order to survive. Because of this, it is possible to find both insects living in close proximity to each other. 

They Both Eat Cellulose

Another reason why you might find these insects living in the same space is that they both feed on wood. And they especially enjoy moist or rotting wood since it is softer. If an area of your home is abundant in rotting wood, such as the space under your kitchen sink or the area around your washing machine, then you might find both insects infesting the area.

The biggest difference between the two in terms of eating wood is that while termites dine exclusively on wood, cockroaches tend to favour human foods. But if nothing else is available, cockroaches will eat cardboard, paper and rotting wood.

They Live in Dark, Moist Areas

Termites and cockroaches both prefer to live in dark areas where moisture is abundant. But while termites will die after just a short time without moisture, cockroaches can survive for up to a week without water. Both insects also live in darkness, which means that places rich in moisture and darkness, such as basements, kitchens and bathrooms, are common areas of infestation.

Check Your Home for Leaks

If you have found both termites and cockroaches infesting your home, you might have a leak. One leaking pipe can provide enough moisture to feed cockroaches and termites. And even something as simple as a leaking tap can cause enough damage to the surrounding wood that it attracts the attention of foraging termites and cockroaches.

If you have found both these insects in your home, search your home for leaks and eradicate them. This will go some way toward depriving these pests of their much-needed moisture. However, you still need the professional expertise and advice of a local pest control service to help you get rid of your problem for good. Reach out to a professional about pest management

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